PortaServer - Mini Web Server For Your WiFi Capable Blackberry

Here is an awesome free application that you all you with a WiFi compatible BlackBerry may wish to download. Not because it's the hottest thing going since sliced bread--but simply to have it, as you never know when you may find a great use for it. Porta Server turns your WiFi enabled BlackBerry into a web server on the go and access its file system from any web browser on the same network. You can view or download pictures, music, videos, documents or web pages directly from your handset over a WiFi connection.

Now, I was rather skeptical of how well this application would actually function or if it would at all for that matter. But after having downloaded, installed and tested I can say it works amazingly easy and while it's not an everyday use kind of application, I can see great uses for it should they arise.

A good example and my test, was that I had a song on my iPhone which was not present on my Bold in two minutes I was able to transfer the song from my BlackBerry to my iPhone simply by opening Safari and browsing and entering my WiFi's IP address and inserting the given password. Pic after the jump showing the file system on my BlackBerry through Safari on my iPhone.

Using Porta Server To View BlackBerry File System