As if the BlackBerry P'9982 wasn't enough to drive the high-end BlackBerry lovers wild, a fan-made concept for the Porsche Design BlackBerry P'9983 kicks things up another notch. Built off the BlackBerry Q10, the P'9983 is Porsche Design device with a physical keyboard and a longer display. While it somewhat resembles the BlackBerry P'9981, this version builds upon the hardware and is of course running BlackBerry 10.

The specs are left up to the imagination, but you can bet that Kevin's dream device would be totally decked out with a big ol' processor, plenty of RAM and a heap of storage space. Not to mention plenty of fun Porsche Design accessories.

We doubt that a P'9983 will ever see the light of day, but if one ever did turn up, you can bet that this design wouldn't be too far from the truth. You probably couldn't afford it anyway (even this mockup looks expensive). You can hit up the forums at the link below for more discussion and even check out this cool animated GIF of the design conception. 

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