You'll obviously have to take this one with a huge grain of salt but over at Tinhte they've got their hands on a rather strange, yet somewhat familiar looking battery door cover for an unknown BlackBerry device. The battery cover itself looks pretty high quality with the BlackBerry logo being stamped into what appears to be a leather and glass weave combination. 

The interesting thing here though, is that it shares some of the same styling as the BlackBerry Porsche Design P'9981. Of course, it could also be from some other BlackBerry 10 device we've not seen yet or just a straight up fake but alas another Porsche Design BlackBerry would be interesting to see.

Maybe it won't be Porsche at all this time around, maybe it'll be Mercedes. Lewis Hamilton style. If nothing else, it would put some cash in the coffers. The P'9981 sold plenty, even at their ridiculously high price point and there is still new iterations being sold. 

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