I met a nice chap this week at BlackBerry 10 Jam who goes by the name of Aaron. Aaron's application, Caveman, has been around on both iOS and webOS for sometime now but it will be in App World for the BlackBerry PlayBookwithin the next four weeks or so and it will run on BlackBerry 10 also later in the year.

As you will see from the video the concept of the game is similar to the traditional Lemmings game from years gone by. Aaron actually said that Caveman runs smoother on the PlayBook than on either of the other two platforms, which is rather encouraging. Why he chose BlackBerry as his next platform of choice is quite simple. Because RIM has made it so easy for developers. Did you hear that iOS and Android devs?

Anyway, the demo video is just a preview of what is to come and we will have a full review of the application prior to it hitting App World. Watch this space.

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