Another fine game has become available for the Blackberry PlayBook this week. Already a big success on iOS and Android, Pop Corny brings fun and great graphics to the BlackBerry tablet OS. The aim of the game is quite simple - to feed Pop Corny the pop corn. In order to do this you must shoot the corn to make it pop and then Pop Corny can eat it up. Of course it isn't quite that straight forward. If the corn hits Pop Corny before he shoots it damage will be caused. And if you shoot a piece of corn that has already been popped it will destroy it. So you need to be precise in feeding Pop Corny or he will wither and die. With coins to collect you can spend these on buying bombs and shields to help you on your quest.

The game is addictive and original and in my opinion worth the $1.99 it costs. Another great example of superb gaming on the BlackBerry PlayBook and once again very encouraging that developers that have done well on other platforms are still considering the PlayBook as a viable platform.

Highlights of the game include:

  • Simple but deep one-touch/sling-like control
  • Upgrade your popcorn box by completing objectives¬†
  • Multiple stages to play
  • More than 40 achievements to complete
  • Collect "drachma coins" and spend them on bonus upgrades, bombs, shields, etc
  • The first ever endless eater!
As well as the game being great it holds an interesting developer story too. Up until Pop Corny the dev hadn't done any work on the PlayBook OS but thanks to a friend at RIM he managed to get hold of a PlayBook and he was set. We all know that RIM are making things as easy as possible for developers to bring their apps to QNX. The software tools are simple and over 5000 dev alpha devices have been handed out along the BB10 Jam World Tour. And in fact getting Pop Corny onto the PlayBook took the developer just two days to implement. Thats impressive stuff and a big incentive to attract others to port their apps to the BlackBerry tablet OS and BlackBerry 10.

More information/Download Pop Corny for the BlackBerry PlayBook

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