Pooter Pro 2

If you're looking for a uniquely styled BlackBerry 6 theme then Pooter Pro 2 is what you'll want to be checking out. I typically try to avoid flashy themes, since I tend to like simple, easy to navigate ones. Pooter Pro 2 takes both those concepts and smashes em together for ya. Aside from the overall great look of the theme, Pooter Mobile has included some great features as well:

  • 5 shortcut screen on the homescreen
  • Scroll/Touch the bottom 5 icons for big status text
  • 12 customizable icons
  • Weather widget can be turned on and off
  • No carrier
  • Wallpaper friendly
  • No transitions 

Personally, the no transitions sold me as often I find some themes have entirely too many transitions in them. Sure transitions are cool and all but, in excessive amounts they can be annoying I think. Pooter did a great job on this theme and it looks good on any device. Pooter Pro 2 is available for Storm, Bold, Tour and Curve 8900 series devices for only $3.99.