I've been pretty keen on playing pool on my smartphones over the years and there has been some decent and many not so good ones available. I recently found Pool Two Player in BlackBerry World and as the name suggests the game is designed for you and a friend to play together. Now, I'm not talking about two devices being connected - with this game you can just use the one BlackBerry 10 handset and take it in turns to pot your balls.

The rules are just plain old pool. You need to pocket your balls followed by the eight ball before your buddy does. Once you start a new game you and your friend need to enter your names so these will be displayed at the top of the screen while playing. Under the names is the table and below that are some circular icons which will store the balls that you pot.

Controlling the cue is simple - but you do need to take your time with it as it can move pretty quickly. Luckily you are also given white dots between the cue and the ball you are aiming at -  and then another set showing where the ball will end up. This certainly makes life a bit easier in terms if accuracy. Once you are ready to take your shot there is a power bar located on the right of the display which will allow you to either go in full pelt or take things easy.

Graphics wise the game is not bad. It's colorful and overall pretty smooth. The sound effects are spot on with no background music so it's just the balls hitting each other that make noise - but they sound really realistic.

For $0.99/£0.75 I'd say the game is good value for money. If you and a buddy are bored this is the perfect way of killing some time.

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