Kevin O'Leary recently swapped out his iPhone for a BlackBerry Z10 and has praised his new device on many occasions. He's noted that the "hardware is amazing" and while he is platform-agnostic, also said that the Z10 is the "best technology on the market today".

While speaking with MSN Money in Canada recently, O'Leary also told it like it is. He explains that the "killer apps" for any smartphone are email, calendar and contacts - which makes up about 80% of how people use their phone. All of their top-app data is now in the cloud, so no longer is everyone out to get on a platform with the most apps or the best apps. 

With these apps being the most important to the majority of users, you can't go wrong with a BlackBerry. BlackBerry does email, calendar and contacts better than anyone.

Perhaps he says it best when he states "It doesn't matter what phone you buy anymore ... it's whatever's hot du jour I'm going to buy". 

If you look back at Kevin's Smartphone Hierarchy of Needs, it's all about what works for you and what you need. You always want to choose the best device for your personal needs. The takeaway here though is that people use their phones mostly for communication and that's where BlackBerry takes the cake - no question. 

Ideally I'd personally love to see the entire Mobile Nations crew revisit the old Smartphone Round Robin of years gone. Only way bigger and way better.

Check out the full MSN Money video here