BlackBerry Bluetooth Watch?
* This is a Photoshop *
It's actually a Fossil/Sony Ericsson MBW-100

Sometimes BlackBerry stories have a habit of reviving themselves. Word of a bluetooth-enabled BlackBerry watch being in development has been buzzing around the interwebs the past couple of days, though the root of the story actually goes back to RIM's annual Wireless Enterprise Symposium show that was held in early May back in Orlando. Back on May 8th, our friend Michael Bettiol, who writes for BGR, posted on the possibility of this watch after interviewing RIM's VP of Accessories Integration, Antoine Boucher:

While sitting down with Boucher we noticed that he was wearing a Sony Ericsson Bluetooth watch, something which does not work with any BlackBerry. When we brought it up, Boucher winked and said he could not discuss that matter. But when we continued to ask questions about it, it was revealed that yes, it is indeed possible to modify the SE Bluetooth watches to display when a new emails, BlackBerry Messenger messages, texts, IMs, Tweets, Facebook messages, etc arrive on the device - something that could be very beneficial for those situations when it would be considered very rude to pull out ones BlackBerry. When we asked whether or not RIM was looking into developing such an accessory, Boucher simply said that "we are exploring many accessories that would surprise people." Hmm. 

Other than this initial story, to my knowledge there's been no real new information to surface officially as to if or when we'll see RIM push out a Bluetooth watch accessory. As always, time will reveal all. But now for our CrackBerry Poll question... if such an accessory were available, would you wear a BlackBerry watch? Personally, I don't think I'd be that interested in it... unless of course RIM were to team up with Audemars Piguet or Panerai or Hublot or Patek Phillipe or Bell & Ross to achieve the product (I prefer watches of the mechanical nature - not going to work so well with Bluetooth!). Though... if they put a blinking red light on it and make it vibrate on the wrist when you get an incoming message, I could see myself getting addicted to it despite my distate.

Update: As I type this update, over 7,000 votes have been cast and it seems to be a dead draw between the Heck Ya's and Hellz No's, with a the other third being undecided - they'll have to see it in action first. But that's already a few thousand customers ready to buy, so hopefully we'll hear more about this soon!

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