Was the BlackBerry Hub an important part of your decision to buy a Priv?

For the BlackBerry Priv, one of the key features which separates it from other Android devices on the market is the BlackBerry Hub. The Hub allows you to quickly organise and take action on emails, text and BBM messages, phone calls, social media notifications, calendar invitations and more has become something a lot of BlackBerry users can't live without. However, looking through the CrackBerry Forums, we're noticing a few folks who don't even use the Hub on the Priv or have gone out of their way to disable it.

Generally speaking, from what we've noticed, the people who opt to disable the Hub seem to be new to the BlackBerry experience and as such are not used to the Hub and all the information it can provide in one spot. The biggest reason for disabling it is that it gets too noisy and it's a bit of information overload. Thinking back to when BlackBerry 10 launched, I remember having the same thoughts as well but the system grew on me and now I love the Hub and pretty much can't imagine how I would go about using a smartphone without it.

With that mind, for this week's poll, we're asking for those of you who have picked up a Priv, was the Hub an important part of your buying decision? Think about it, if BlackBerry never brought over the Hub, would you have still bought the Priv or would you have simply gone with another device? For me, the Hub and the rest of the BlackBerry experiences built in, are a part of what made the Priv an exciting purchase. Let us know if it was important to you.