To coincide with the launch of the BlackBerry Classic, hopefully you saw the poll we ran last week where we asked you which BlackBerry 10 device would be your next? With BlackBerry listening to what customers want and bringing back the function keys and optical trackpad on the Classic I was intrigued to see how many of you were planning to make the Classic your next smartphone.

When I had the idea for the poll I initially thought it would just be a toss up between the Classic and Passport, but then realized it should only be fair to include the all-touch devices that we already have. I know many of you, including myself, have fallen in love with the virtual keyboard that BlackBerry has to offer, even though they are most famous for the hardware keyboard offerings.

And it seems I was right to do so as the results were rather different from how I thought they would pan out. As you can see below the new BlackBerry Classic actually came in at last place which I was rather shocked at. I know that the Passport is the flagship BlackBerry and is a fantastic work horse but I also thought that maybe it would be too big for some people.

And a vast number of you are sticking with your all-touch BlackBerry's - something that I think is good to see as it should hopefully ensure we get a new high end all-touch BlackBerry 10 device in 2015.


Very mixed results for sure and fingers crossed the folks at BlackBerry will take note. I suspect that over the next few months the number of BlackBerry Classic's that are sold will rocket up within the enterprise market. We'll have to wait and see if John Chen ever reveals how many are sold, but it's interesting to see how many folk are sticking with their all-touch handsets.