BlackBerry -Leap-Closer

Last week we ran a poll asking if you would be buying the BlackBerry Leap. The results were pretty much as I expected, as you can see below, with the vast majority of voters going for the 'no' option. As I said then, I suspect that most CrackBerry readers are after top of the range devices and who can blame them. But I'm still certain that the BlackBerry Leap has it's place in the market.

Browsing through the post comments it was quite evidential that it would be hard to justify spending cash on the Leap when you may already have a BlackBerry Z10 or the superiorly specced Z30 and I can understand that totally. So who is the Leap an option for?

I'm still confident that the BlackBerry Leap is a great contender for either someone looking to get their first BlackBerry 10 device who wants the full-touch experience and who doesn't want to spend a ton of money on a new handset. In addition, the enterprise market should take full advantage of the Leap and it's price tag - which comes in significantly lower than the Classic or Passport.

With 11% of CrackBerry readers who voted going for the 'yes' option in the poll and the same amount currently undecided, it's proof that the Leap should sell. It's just a question of how many devices will ship, although I'm sure we'll never actually discover the exact figure.

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