By now the news of AT&T working with Deutsche Telekom to acquire T-Mobile has no doubt crossed your ears. While it'll take a year -- or more, depending on FCC and DOJ approval for things to go into full effect, the feelings from T-Mobile and AT&T users has been plenty colorful. Looking at the situation from a device stand point it really doesn't mean all that much to BlackBerry users as much as it may mean to other platforms such as Android and iOS since RIM has yet to release any LTE / 4G devices aside from the upcoming BlackBerry PlayBook.

But from a consumer perspective -- many folks have expressed concern about losing "choice" when it comes to carriers. Rather then get into the nitty gritty of the details behind the acquisiton, we're just curious about how everyone feels about the situation. If you're a T-Mobile and/or AT&T user, cast your vote in the poll above, then leave a comment with your thoughts below!