Talk to you Later

With busy schedules it can be very hard to manage your daily phone calls without appearing to be rude or ignoring the people who are trying to contact you. Whether in a meeting, on a flight, or just spending some time with the family everyone needs some time to be able to put down their phone, and live life a little. Talk to You Later is a new application from the folks at i-Mentalist, and while basic in concept it is a very useful application. 

The idea behind the application is to allow you to respond to phone calls without having to actually answer them which is a huge convenience for many of us. Once setting Talk to You Later up you will have the option to have an autoresponder on that will respond to any missed call with a message, which is perfect for times when you are in a meeting, or spending time with the family or any other time you are not with your phone. In addition they have included the ability to send a message from a pre-definted list after ignoring a call, so if you are running short on time and just can't take the call you can let them know with a simple click of a button. 

Beyond being able to monitor your calls on the go, you can take it one step further and create a junk list to prevent the phone from even ringing when those numbers call. Setting the junk list up can be done from either the call log or address book, and only takes a few simple clicks. For only 99 cents, this application is definitely something that many people will find a great deal of value in. Be sure to hit the link below and grab a copy for yourself.

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