Polarbear for BlackBerry 10 has been in public beta for some time now but those days are now gone as the final version has been completed and is now in BlackBerry World awaiting your download. For the next 48 hours the app will be on sale priced at $0.99 which is a real bargain.

If you have missed our previous posts about the app - Polarbear allows you to post to various social sites all from within the app. The social applications that are integrated include: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Facebook Page, LinkedIn, Blogger and App.net. 

Sending out a post to any of the above couldn't be easier. Just type in the text you want to share, select which accounts you wish the post to go to and press the 'post' tab - simple. As usual the roll out may take a few hours to hit your region so keep on checking. 

What's new in Polarbear 2.0.3

  • Better performance and smoother scrolling
  • Twitter posts longer than 140 characters will automatically split into multiple tweets and appear in reverse order (Easier to read)
  • App.net posts longer than 256 characters will automatically split into multiple status updates and appear in reverse order (Easier to read)
  • Supports posting in Arabic, Russian, Chinese, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, Hebrew, Greek
  • Bug fixes and workflow improvements

More information/Download Polarbear for BlackBerry 10