Polarbear app now in public beta

The Polarbear app has been in private beta for a while now and a couple of the CrackBerry team have been trying it out as well as quite a number of other of our readers. If you haven't been able to get in on the beta yet now is your chance. Polarbear is now available in beta, so you can give it a try before it goes back into BlackBerry World.

If you don't know what Polarbear is all about, it's an app that allows you to post to multiple social media sites in one go. You can post to Twitter, Facebook, Facebook Pages, App.net, Google+, LinkedIn, Tumblr and Blogger. 

It's definitely a useful app if you do post to more than one social media site. The developer is open to feedback, of course that's the point of a beta program.

If you'd like to get in on the beta, hit up the link below. For a quick demo of the Polarbear in action you can check out our video too.

Download Polarbear beta