Poker Reels for PlayBook

Fancy a gamble? Not with money though, just credits. That's what Poker Reels for the BlackBerry PlayBook will allow you to do. Poker Reels from Chef Delivered Ltd is a new PlayBook game that is a mix n match of poker and the traditional slot machine.

With five spinning reels on screen you get the experience of a slot machine but with the poker element thrown in for good measure. The five reels spin poker cards and stop one by one just like on a slot machine. You can bet between 5 and 25 credits depending on how big of a risk you want to take. If you win a hand you win credits. (The credits have no value outside of the game).

The application is a free download and you initially start off with 500 credits but have the option to purchase more from within the app if you desire.

Knowing the rules of poker probably helps, unlike myself who had to Google how to play! But it is fun. The app runs beautifully on the BlackBerry PlayBook and the images are graphics are crystal clear.

You can check out a video of me Playing Poker Reels below:

Download Poker Reels for the BlackBerry PlayBook

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