Pointstreak Mobile for BlackBerryPoinstreak is a new app that allows users to record live game stats during live sporting events and deliver game info to the net via the BlackBerry.

The advantage of Poinstreak is league or game scorekeepers can record game stats as they happen from their BlackBerry and deliver them instantly to the internet OTA. Cool!

Prior to this new app, the only other somewhat cool option to accomplish the same task was to use Pointstreak's touch-screen terminals at the sporting event... or use the downloadable software on a PC. Both of these options have obvious limitations in mobility and connectivity.

Poinstreak Mobile eliminates the mobility and connectivity issues instantly. Just pick up your Berry, enter the stats as they happen, submit them, and you're done!

Poinstreak is available for all current versions of BlackBerry devices. To read more, visit the Poinstreak Website.

I'll dig a bit deeper into this new app this Friday in the Software Roundup.

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