PodTrapper Updated!

I love it when great apps just keep getting better. PodTrapper which we have covered on numerous occasions here at CrackBerry has just gotten that much better with the recent changes that have been put into effect. For those unaware of how or what Pod Trapper is, Craig's review is something you'll want to have a look at if being able to download podcasts direct to your device is something you need in your life.

For those of you all out there that have been happily using PodTrapper for a while now, the change log has some fine points in that are worth mentioning:

  • Multiple playlist support
  • Preserve episodes from auto deletion
  • Rearrange playlists
  • Ability to pause via mute key on top of handheld while locked/holstered
  • Ability to assign actions to convenience keys while BB is locked

While those are the major changes, there is a whole laundry list of minor changes that have been considered as well. You can read the full changelog here. And for those new to the PodTrapper application, a free trial is available in the Shop CrackBerry Store, after which the application costs $9.99.

  • Check Out Pod Trapper In The Shop CrackBerry App Store Today >>

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