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A little late, but better than never. Craig and I jumped on Skype last night and were joined by special guest Marcus Watkins, developer of Podtrapper (which lets you download and listen to podcasts on your BlackBerry) as we chatted about all things CrackBerry-related. As always, we went way too long, went off topic, I talked too much (went on a few long-winded raves and rants) but at the end of the day covered a lot of stuff.

Marcus walked us through his story of developing Podtrapper, including the goods and the bads. We got excited for some things, depressed about other things, tossed out a few of the new unconfirmed "codenames" apparently floating around out there (can you say dakota?)... by the end it was a bit of an emotional rollercoaster! You ca listen below. Hopefully you'll enjoy the show. If not, well.. haha.. at least it's free :)

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