We couldn't leave our podcast listeners hanging any longer, so Craig and I recorded this Tuesday-night episode! I'm off Wednesday morning for a few days to NYC (check out our Informal NYC CrackBerry Meet-Up Thread) so we wanted to get an episode up before I left. The big topics discussed this show are the Verizon Storm and all the leak-mania surrounding it as well my hands-on time spent with the BlackBerry 8900 Javelin (I even go on a limb and proclaim its "official name").

Regarding the BlackBerry 8900, the last few days have been mayhem so I haven't been able to complete my follow up review to Part I just yet, so look for it next week. Thanks for the patience on that, and enjoy the show!!

Listen to Podcast: Episode 022

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  • Recorded: Tuesday, September 23th, 2008 @ 7:10pm CST
  • Show Length: 59m53s
  • File Size: 34.4MB

Big Thanks To:

  • Craig Johnston - for another job well done! You can listen to Craig's other podcast at
  • Kenley Kristofferson - 21 Episodes later and we're still rocking your voice on the intro and sponsorship line. You can check out Kenley's podcast, the only podcast dedicated to the academic study of video game music at

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