In Podcast Episode 017, Craig and I are joined by special guest Dieter Bohn of the iPhone blog as we chat up the iPhone 3G and all of the July 11th launch madness. Heck, we even become iPhone fanboys for a few minutes when Dieter busts out the lightsaber app (diehard CrackBerrys don't worry, we'll change our tune next episode when Dieter isn't on the line to defend it...LOL!!)!! From there we move into this week's BlackBerry news, with a good chunk of time devoted to the Thunder.

Unfortunately, by the time we worked through the above we ran out of time to get to all of the community phone messages and emails sent in. Dieter's taking the blame for that (he just loves talking about that iPhone!), but no worries...we'll answer and address all your questions/comments in Episode 018. Enjoy the show!

Listen to Podcast: Episode 017

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  • Recorded: Thursday, June 10th, 2008 @ 7:00pm CST
  • Show Length: 1h11m20s
  • File Size: 40.2MB

Big Thanks To:

  • Craig Johnston - for another job well done! You can listen to Craig's other podcast at
  • Dieter Bohn - for breaking out some leaked news on the Podcast!

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  • Surf around CB - you'll find em! :-)

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