Podcast!Don't get too excited by this post! There's no podcast to listen to quite just yet. Craig and I have been hammering out our summer recording schedule, and we've decided on Thursday evenings for the next couple of months, with the podcast going live on Friday morning.

That said, you still have time to get in your BlackBerry related questions and comments for us to talk about on the show. Email them in to, or better yet, LEAVE US A MESSAGE ON OUR PODCAST HOTLINE: 1-866-904-5772 ext. 222.

I'd love to hear from all of you on what you think about these new devices we're seeing in the blogs: the Thunder, the Javelin, the KickStart... Or give us a RANT about how long it's taking for OS4.5 to get officially released everywhere, or how long it's taking for the Bold to get into your hands, or Rogers ridiculous rates (my favorite rant). You can always ask us a tech question too, but take it easy on us - it's the summer and we don't want to think *too* much! LOL! Talk to y'all soon!!