In Podcast Episode 016, Craig and I are joined by special guest Cory Scheuer who brings us word, leaked straight from Rogers headquarters, of the consumer release date for the Rogers BlackBerry Bold!

Over the course of the episode we cover lots of other BB news and even speculate on T-Mobile BlackBerry KickStart pricing (all signs point to this BlackBerry flip phone hitting the market at an extreeeeemely attractive price). We spend 10 minutes at the start recapping the fun and games of last week in celebration of the 200,000 member milestone, so feel free to fast forward to minute 13:35 to get to the good stuff.

Listen to Podcast: Episode 016

Show Details:

  • Recorded: Sunday, June 29th, 2008 @ 7:00pm CST
  • Show Length: 59m34s
  • File Size: 34.2MB

Big Thanks To:

  • Craig Johnston - for another job well done! You can listen to Craig's other podcast at
  • Corey Scheuer - for breaking out some leaked news on the Podcast!

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