Podcast: Episode 004Here it is folks, our first of two WES 2008 Special Edition Podcasts.

As promised, we had a HUGE crew on hand at the Boxtone Lounge to record the show. Craig unfortunately was not in attendance, but I'd like to give a BIG THANKS to the Crack Team we did have on hand - Jibi, Dieter, Bill, Dante, Robert and Martin. I think we deserve an award for most people on a podcast at one time.

This podcast is all WES 2008. We talk BlackBerry Bold, WES festivities, device rumors and in true CrackBerry fashion we go off topic a bit and get a little dirty (Jibi's fault!).

We had one rule going into the Podcast - NO EDITING - so it's uncensored and raw. Take a listen and be sure to report back with your comments and questions. We'll be coming at you again tomorrow, maybe with an even BIGGER crew. Enjoy the show!! 

Listen to Podcast: Episode 010