Pocket Mac End Of Life

With the launch of BlackBerry Desktop Manager for Mac, this news really comes as no big surprise. According to the RIM knowledgebase, PocketMac for BlackBerry support was actually cancelled as of October 2nd, 2009. This means previous users of PocketMac who are continuing to use the application no longer will be able to obtain support from RIM.

Please be advised that as of October 2, 2009 PocketMac is no longer supported by Research In Motion.

Please contact PocketMac at www.pocketmac.com if you require support for PocketMac for BlackBerry smartphones.

Please note that related references and troubleshooting steps have been removed from www.blackberry.com.

From here on out, users of PocketMac are advised they will need to contact the developers of the application for further assistance. But really, was PocketMac that bad RIM had to abolish its existance off their site? I kid, I'm sure it was purely contractual that it was removed but as such will anyone out there choose PocketMac over BlackBerry Desktop Manager now?

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