comparing blackberries

We came across this interesting blog post this morning. Jon Collins muses on the relative benefits of pocket pcs and BlackBerries and finally comes down on the side the Berry

“Certain events can cause the need for a quick decision: it is strange how a single incident can completely upturn one’s perspective on things. It all started quite innocuously, as I was looking into changing mobile service providers. On offer was a Blackberry as part of a very attractive deal – even more attractive given that I could still use the new SIM in my existing, unlocked PPC device. Furthermore the Blackberry on offer was the 6800 – that’s the one which comes with all the bells and whistles such as an MP3 player – this appealed greatly to my inner magpie. As I saw it, this scenario offered the best of both worlds, enabling me to continue my “evaluation” indefinitely and get a sexy new device in the bargain.” Read the rest of the post here.