Plug It In Plug It In

One of my biggest gripes with the new BlackBerry Torch is that is has no low battery indicator. None. Why I have no idea. Instead when the battery gets low you see a message telling you the device is powering off and that's that. In the middle of a phone call, composing an email or browsing the web -- you're totally out of luck unless you have a power cable nearby. To help save some frustration, Plug It In is a simple app that pops up an alert when you battery is low. You can set the threshold (I like it at 30) and when your battery gets down, Plug It In alerts you with a popup, colored LED and sound (if you choose). This way you can get your device plugged in and charge up before it eats it. Whats cool is that Plug It In also shows a notification in the banner after your threshold level letting you know exactly how much battery power is left. Charge up the device again and the notification goes away. Granted there shouldn't be a need for this app, but if you want to keep up and running without the fear of your device randomly shutting down, this is definitely the way to go. Plug It In is available as a free download for the Torch 9800 and other devices in the CrackBerry App Store. Be sure to check out all the other great apps from ShaoSoft while you're there :-)

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