If you have $3.00 spare to spend on a BlackBerry 10 game I would urge you to consider purchasing Plight of the Zombie as it is now my new addiction! If you want excitement, great game play and a challenge this one has it all. The game supports just the BlackBerry Z10 currently, but this will be down to screen size.

You control Craig who as a zombie is only interested in eating brains - as zombies generally do. Scattered around each level will be a selection of pink brains which you must collect but in addition there will be some humans who you will need to eat too. Controlling Craig is simply done by drawing a line on the display of where you want him to go. You can stop him with a double tap if you need to, but you shouldn't find this something you need to do too often.

As you progress through the levels things get spiced up a bit. Many of the humans have shotguns so you need to keep out of their range. Creeping up behind is one tactic but you can also use another. Because when you eat a human they too become a zombie you'll be able to control multiple characters. So the distraction technique can work with some of the guys with guns - send a zombie in from one direction and as the human turns to shoot him you can attack from behind.

Things get even more complicated later on and you'll have to use your own brain to work out how to complete the levels. The graphics are great with Plight of the Zombie and the sound effects are stunning. If you buy the game and don't like it I'd be very surprised. I'll be off now to play some more. Bye.

Plight of the Zombie features:

  • Play over 50 deliciously brainy puzzles
  • Be one with your inner zombie as you nom on yummy brains
  • Support a savory cause by helping end zombie hunger
  • Appetizing store with plenty of tasteful accessories for your zombies

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