Plex for PlayBook

Many folks have asked for it, many folks said it couldn't be done and there were even some heated exchanges between the BlackBerry community and Plex. With that all in the past now, Plex for BlackBerry PlayBook has arrived.

In order to get things working, you download the Plex app and the Plex media server to your PC, Mac, Linux machine and set it up. Once set up, you can stream all your content to your BlackBerry PlayBook plus, you can add channels that allow for further access to such things as Rdio, Hulu, YouTube and yes, even Netflix.

The app itself, is an Android port but it works and it works well. Right now, you'll find Plex available in BlackBerry App World for $4.99 which is on par with that of it's offering across other platforms such as Android and iOS.

We'll have a review up soon but for now, I can easily suggest you grab this one without hesitation if you're looking for a streaming solution. Need to know more about Plex? Check out their site for further information. Thanks, @58_doe.

Download Plex for BlackBerry PlayBook