Plenty of users utilize the trackpad on the BlackBerry Classic

We recently ran a poll asking whether Classic owners made use of the trackpad which is one of the main features of the BlackBerry Classic. I was curious to know what others thought as I had received various responses from within my BBM contacts, and most of them said they didn't use it all that much. After looking at the results and going through all the comments, it's quite a mixed bag of results.

Just over half of those who responded use the trackpad on their Classic all the time, while another 20% just use if for text selection. And a fair amount of users hardly use it or forget that it's there - a response I would usually get from other users.

I opted to get the Classic for the purpose of utilizing the trackpad. A lot of people commented to this too, which kind of makes sense. After using the BlackBerry Passport for nine months, I wanted to go back to a device that I could use one handed. For a person with small hands, this was never something that could be done on the Passport. So, when I got my hands on the Classic, I quickly got accustomed to using the trackpad frequently - for browsing through the Hub, navigating websites in the browser and even app selection on the homescreen. My thumb doesn't have to stretch too far and it means I can do all those things one handedly.

Reading through the comments, a lot of people use it to make text selection easier, as well as for tapping on links on a website or for ease of selecting radio button when it comes to filling in a form or participating in a poll. The trackpad is very useful for those things. Precision cursor placement is definitely one high on the list for using the trackpad.

For those who hardly use it or forget that it's there, I get where they're coming from. While the trackpad is handy - for one handed use, in my case - BlackBerry 10 has been designed for use without one. I definitely don't see it making its way to a full touchscreen model and wouldn't want to see that happen. We all know the reason for the Classic coming to fruition but in some ways I'm glad we have it available. It certainly makes my life easier when on the go and I need to interact with my BlackBerry. It's good know that, for the most part, users are utilizing the trackpad.

BlackBerry Classic trackpad usage poll results