Plazmic 4.7 CDK Shows Up!

* Update from Kevin: WARNING - Got word that the version of the 4.7 CDK floating around is actually a fairly early beta compared to what will ultimately get released, which means the themes created off this version could have some very unfriendly impact on the devices installed to. In you wind up with a bricked Berry, remember these instructions. *

Yup! That's right, it's time to get your theme skills sharpened up so you can start making some slick new themes for the BlackBerry Storm, 8900 and heck, even the Curve 8350i. The Plazmic Content Developers Kit has started showing up in some areas of the net and I can confirm after having installed it all the previous mentioned device are built into the CDK just nicely. How well it will work in the long run remains yet to be seen. Now while it's making its appearance we'll hold off on posting any direct links for now and just simply leave you with the recommendation to search the forums and see what you may find, clicking on the links and downloading. I'll leave that decision up to you all!