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Hey everybody,I figured I'd get this out of the way before Kevin comes along and steals my spotlight by showing you some nice new pictures of the Storm and whatever else he can dig up at the Developers Conference lol. I had a sneaky suspicion this was coming anyways - it really would make no sense at all if this didn't show up at DevCon.

Now all you theme makers out there will have a great interest in this little bit of news, so I'm glad to bring it to you. The Plazmic 4.6 CDK has gone official on the BlackBerry site and is available for download. The upgrade you will see is from bundle 20 to bundle 24, and yes I can confirm that nasty crash bug with using your own fonts has indeed been corrected. With an official launch and less crashyness, let's get crack'n on some nice themes everyone.

Grab it over at >>