I admit when the PlayBook first introduced e-book readers I was hesitant to try them out. My friend bought me a Sony Reader but its collecting dust in my drawer. I love having the book in front of me showing the wear and tear that comes from carrying it around. Then I checked out Joseph's head-to-head of e-book e-readers and realized it was about time to give up paperbacks. PlayEpub has released several updates since then and now stands at v.1.6.90: 

New features in v1.6: 


  • Share selected text on Facebook and Twitter.
  • When reading, text line separation configuration option added.
  • Improved paragraph visualization.
  • Solved some issues with go to links.
  • Added a notification system to show messages to user.


  • Solved issue opening a book after downloading did not start at zero page.
  • Integrated help screen.
  • Solved an old issue, first book in the folder was not shown on available.
  • Added feature to customize your reading font.
  • Added option to delete public library.


  • Trial version added
  • Full text selection with start/end marks and option to copy to clipboard.
  • Many changes on UI 
  • New gestures, swipe right/left for next/previous chapter 
  • New main bookmarks and notes list 
  • Export notes to excel 2003
  • New external library navigation and download 
  • Performance increased reopening books. 
  • Many issues solved opening books

I've probably read about five or six books on it so far and I'm really enjoying it, more than I ever did on the Sony. Not only can you share books with friends and followers but with the integrated online library (i.e Gutenburg, Feedbooks) no more connecting to your PC via USB to transfer titles to the PlayBook.

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