PlayCreator BlackBerry PlayBook

There has been a constant flow of BlackBerry PlayBook apps hitting App World in the last few months, but only some really catch my eye. PlayCreator is one of those and probably the one I'm most excited about so far. It's one of the most "no-brainer" implementations of the PlayBook thus far and frankly looks pretty sweet. PlayCreator essentially turns the PlayBook into a sports whiteboard. Gone are the days of the whiteboard clipboard and messy dry-erase pens. PlayCreator has boards for hockey, basketball, football, soccer and more. Use multi-colored markers to draw out plays complete with erase, redo and undo. This looks to be an awesome app for coaches and players alike, and for just $0.99 is a steal. PlayCreator is a perfect example of how the PlayBook can be used in real-world situations. Check out it out in BlackBerry App World for more info.

More information/download of PlayCreator

Via: BerryReview

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