I love how easy it is to browse through files on the BlackBerry PlayBook. I actually prefer to bridge my BlackBerry smartphone and scroll through files through the File Manager than on my BlackBerry alone (with the exception of pictures, of course, since they just show up as a list anyway). The problem with this is that the File Manager is more of a file viewer. Sure you can search or delete, but it isn’t true file management is it?

Enter: PlayCloud for the BlackBerry PlayBook. It offers a much different and refreshing view of your files. This covers files on your PlayBook, BlackBerry smartphone and, more recently added Dropbox support. On top of this, you can also access files through Google Docs (very limited) as well.


  • Local Documents browsing
  • 2System browsing (to browse whole the file system)
  • Bridge browsing (the bridge has to be enabled)
  • Dropbox support
  • Configuration from swipe down menu
  • Launch the default application from the file type
  • Single or multi-select mode
  • Order feature
  • Embedded help pages
  • Rename, create files or directories
  • Copy, paste and move files or directories
  • Delete files or directories
  • Show file details

With PlayCloud I now have the option to create, delete, rename, copy, paste and even move files or directories so I can store files MY way. The application also provides file details such as; file size and date created at a glance. For quick organization PlayCloud gives you one click access to sorting options, choose from sorting by date, filename or file size.

Now while I typically jump into apps right away, I decided to check out the included tutorial first. I’m glad I did, as it made me appreciate the layout and the ease of use even more. DropBox support can be requested from within the application and only takes a minute to complete. I love how dead simple it is to access DropBox, grab a file and move/copy it as a local file – or even vice versa. That’s not just file management; that’s power file management. To be honest, I find uploading to DropBox from PlayCloud a little quicker than from the DropBox application. You can grab PlayCloud for $0.99 from BlackBerry App World.

More information/download PlayCloud for the BlackBerry PlayBook

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