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 PlayBook Apps Wish List  

Crusiing through the CrackBerry forums the last few days I've found a lot of great discussions. There are loads of posts about the BlackBerry PlayBook and it seems like everyone has plenty to say. One of the good threads I came across was the PlayBook App Wish List. I was thinking on the same topic and it was good to see that many other users have a fairly large list of apps they would love to see come to the PlayBook.

Personally I would like some "big name" apps to show up soon. I have a hard time living without a good Twitter app as well as things like Evernote and Pandora. We've compiled a list of the most requested apps here and tossed them in the poll above. So if you're a PlayBook owner - what apps do you most want to see? Cast your vote in the poll above for the top 3 apps you'd like to see on the PlayBook. If the app (or apps) you want to see isn't listed, leave a comment below and let us know what you're looking for!

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