We've seen a couple of decent tennis games already for BlackBerry 10 and here's another beauty - Play Tennis and it's free! Within the app there are in-app purchases available and these are money bundles as you need to pay to enter tournaments. You'll have $20 to start with and entering a competition will cost you $5 - but if you win you'll get $500. 

As well as the tournaments there is also 'free play' which you won't have to part with any cash for - a good place to practice. The game play is awesome with Play Tennis. You just use your finger to control your racket and it feels as good as a tennis game can be on any mobile platform. With decent sound effects and beautifully smooth animations the game really is a joy to play. 

With Scoreloop support you can share your scores with your 'BlackBerry Games' buddies which is always nice to see. Plus, it's available for all BlackBerry 10 devices so everyone can enjoy the game. 

Features include: 

  • Face 12 countries with varying skill levels 
  • Realistic 3D graphics 
  • Intuitive touch screen controls

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