Looking for a totally useless but fun app for your brand new Priv? Then you need to pick up Slider Sound from the Google Play Store. Slider Sound is a Priv specific app that allows you to play sounds when you slide your BlackBerry Priv keyboard open or closed. You can use the included sounds, which are pretty cliche (Gong, Whip Crack & Fart) or simply pick from any of your personal MP3 sound files.

I'm pretty partial to the Optimus Prime transforming sound for open and close, but you can set the sounds individually. Set one sound for opening and set another for closing. No doubt it's a bit of a silly app, but interesting that it's one of the first Priv specific apps made available. Seems like someone at BlackBerry has been having a bit of fun with the Android dev tools. If you're looking to give it a go, it's available on Google Play right now for only $0.99.

Learn more / Download Slider Sound from Google Play