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It's always nice to see developers taking advantage of BBM 6 when creating new apps and games. Bach Khoa University let us know they just released a new BBM integrated version of Connect4, which if you don't already know, is the same as the classic game we all enjoyed growing up. All the familiar elements of the original are present in this version with the added bonus of being able to compete against your BBM friends. Why play against a computer to get those four colored chips in a row when you can drive actual people crazy in real time? Click on the jump for more information and your chance to win a free copy.

As one of the newest social apps to use BBM integration, I'm enjoying Connect4. The graphics are decent and work on both my Torch 9800 and my higher resolution Torch 9810. There is a five second delay between moves but I think that says more about my carrier's connection than the app itself as it varied with signal strength. The only thing that needs getting used to is tapping on the numbers below the board instead of the actual columns to drop the chip.

What I find interesting, although anything involving BBM piques my curiosity, is the built-in chat window. Instead of going back into BBM, there's a chat box below the playing field. Pressing the right shift key toggles the window back and forth between game play. Players can chat amongst themselves or with their other BBM friends. You don't get to see the nice little "R" and "D," but it's pretty cool. Just beware of typos. Hitting backspace closes the window and doesn't allow you to go back to correct.

Connect4 runs fine on my devices when there is a strong connection. While there is room for improvement (the quirks I previously mentioned) it's certainly a game to check out to pass the time with friends and family on your BBM list. 


  • Play the game versus your BBM existing contacts or friends
  • Start offline game, two players can play against each other in a single device
  • In-game chatting. That means you can chat with your opponent right in the game
  • Send invitation to download game
  • Send file to your friends
  • Send popup message to your friends
  • Start a BBM chat with your opponent or your BBM contacts
  • Host public game
  • Join public game

Connect4 is currently supported by devices running OS 6 and OS 7 or older models running BBM 6. A free trial is available but is limited to ten games. It's currently on sale for $0.99 so you can't beat that price. 

Contest: We have 50 copies up for grabs. Just leave a single comment to this post to enter. Contest ends this Sunday at midnight PST. Good luck! 

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