Move over JiveTalk. Palringo is here to give you a run for your money.  Currently in free beta, Palringo lets you IM text, send photos and vocal IM's.  Perhaps it's best feature, the vocal IM's allow you to send quick voice clips to other contacts, or as Palringo calls it, "Walkie-Talkie's on steroids".  The beta currently supports MSN, ICQ, AIM, GTalk, Jabber, Yahoo! and Gadu-Gadu.  It has social networking features that also allow groups chats.  Available for both mobile devices and PCs, Palringo is a free download either OTA or Desktop (on your Berry go to'll have to register on Palringo's site before you can get any IM clients, but from there you should be good to go. If you give it a try be sure to report back and let us know how you like it. Read more at