PlayBook owners are probably already familiar with Plants Vs. Zombies as it has been around for some time now and offers a great gaming experience. The game has now made its way to BlackBerry smartphones and although it will never be as good to play as on the tablet or when (if) we have it on BlackBerry 10, it will cure your Zombie needs if you so desire.

With 50 levels available in adventure mode and a total of 26 different kinds of zombie the game sounds like it will provide hours of fun - maybe a perfect one to have on those long commutes to work?

At $2.99/£3.00 it isn't the cheapest and compared to the PlayBook version it is expensive, but if this is your sort of game then it is there for you to purchase. With BlackBerry 10 now so close I think I may hold off on grabbing this one right now. Gaming on BlackBerry is about to get hot!

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