Plants versus Zombies 

First Angry Birds and Bejeweled, and now Plants vs. Zombies is coming to the BlackBerry PlayBook? The trifecta of casual gaming is nearly complete! While we did get a quick look at it during CES, EA has announced that the home-defense/gardening strategy game is now available on RIM's tablet. Unfortunately, there still isn't a live link in BlackBerry App World. 

The game includes 50 levels, throughout which you need to pick and chose from an array of defensive plants that attack hordes of ill-equipped zombies. Some have snorkeling gear to get through the pool, others have pole vaults to get over your Wall-nuts, while others still have bungee cords to bypass all of your carefully placed plants. Collect sunshine points as they randomly pop up so you can keep planting, and collect cash to upgrade your armory of vicious flora.

No word on pricing yet, but I would expect it in the $7 range. It's worth it, trust me. EA's blog post is pasted after the jump. 

Source: EA 

Get ready to soil your plants – again! PopCap Games has announced that their award-winning game, Plants vs. Zombies, is now available for the Blackberry Playbook. A longtime hit on other platforms, this is the first time Blackberry users can dig into the fun-dead action. Popular among gamers of all ages, Plants vs. Zombies features 50 action-packed and infinitely replayable levels, plus lively mini-games that challenge you to defend your house from zombies before they reach your front door.

Choose from an ever-increasing arsenal of zombie-zapping plants that will help you slow down, confuse, weaken, and mulchify the zombies plodding across your lawn. Each type of zombie has its own special skills and behaviors, so you'll need quick, strategic placement of plants like peashooters, cherry bombs, and wall-nuts to stop the zombies dead in their tracks.

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