Pixel Brain Anthology

As you were browsing through BlackBerry App World looking for games for your BlackBerry PlayBook, you may have come across a product or two from Pixel Brain Games. We actually took a look at one of their games geared towards toddlers, aptly named Tots. Each of their games are unique in both design and gameplay. Now what they did recently was actually pretty smart, and I’m hoping others do the same - They announced Pixel Brain Anthology, which offers up 4 of their most popular games, all in one neat little package. This also saves you a few bucks, if you were planning on purchasing all four. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Bowling at Doodle Lanes - Bowling at Doodle Lanes lets you enjoy fun and realistic bowling anytime! The full bowling experience, atmospheric sounds, the ability to customize your bowling ball and much more. Bowling comes to life with colorful graphics, accurate physics and cool sound effects. Enjoy Bowling at Doodle Lanes with your friends, as 4 players can hit the lanes at one time. It doesn't matter if you're a beginner or an expert. Use the accelerometer by tilting your PlayBook to add some spin to the ball just the way you want it! Throw strikes like a pro and listen to the crowd go wild as you become a bowling superstar!
  • Space Junk - Space Junk is a simple yet addictive game that has fans of all ages coming back for just one more try. Guide your rocket thru the never-ending cosmos in an effort to collect all of the space junk floating around. Your scoring multiplier increases for every junked satellite that you pick up, but watch out - it also increases your speed! Avoid crashing into planets and asteroids and be on the lookout for mind-warping black holes and tricky lost astronauts. Battle your friends for the best scores on the global leaderboards!
  • Magic Hate Ball - Do not trust the Magic Hate Ball! The Magic Hate Ball cannot tell the future - it will lie to you for its own amusement. If you ask the Magic Hate Ball a question, it will openly mock you. Please remember that above all else, the Magic Hate Ball is not your friend.
  • Trickle - Trickle is a puzzle game that you cannot put down! A marriage of Tetris and Sudoku that creates a deceptively simple puzzle game that will keep you plinking away for hours. One part zen meditation and one part feverish scoring addiction. Place numbered drops onto a grid to raise your score while setting up future chain reactions for even higher scores. Learn the gameplay in seconds, and adapt your strategies as you play more games.

The Anthology is available for only $3.99, not bad considering buying all four games individually will cost you $5.96. You can pick up Pixel Brain Anthology (or each game individually if like spending money) from BlackBerry App World.

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