The second concept demo from RIM's Sweden branch at Mobile World Congress 2012 is PitchRocket. This is both a PlayBook and smartphone app that help you quickly create visually-impressive presentations. Through the phone, you can create slide text and insert images, while the slide itself is dynamically created on the PlayBook based on whichever preset style you've selected. There would also be the possibility of user-created, and maybe even sellable presets to expand the core imagery. 

While PitchRocket is certainly closer to the realm of reality than Confetti, it's easy to see these features folded into the BlackBerry Presenter and Slideshow to Go. The graphics are very snazzy, but I have a feeling that unless these are exportable into the PPT format, you might have some issues down the line if you need to share materials with anyone. As the name implies, I could see something like this getting a lot of use from hurried salespeople who get thrust into meetings at the last second.

PitchRocket is a neat concept, and not entirely in the realm of fanciful tech demos that never become a reality. Anyone interested?