Epic Applications is back with a brand new game for everyone. Since the description for the game really is the best way to get the point across (other then just saying the game is wicked awesome), I'll just post that for everyone.

Fast paced and challenging, Pipe Dreams is a race against the clock to create a pipe structure that controls and directs the flow of water. Points are earned for each square water flows through; however, the game is lost if the water leaks at any point.
Each level begins with a randomly located water main. A series of pipe pieces are given to you. Place them together as quickly as you can to form the longest chain possible. Once the timer runs out, water begins to flow and the pressure mounts!
If you get enough points for the round, you move on to the next round where the water comes quicker, flows faster, and more points are needed to move on. In between rounds, you can save your progress and return to it another time.
Pipe Dreams features 4 difficulty modes -- Easy to Expert. As the difficulty increases, the water flows faster and starts sooner, flooding the screen and requiring quick reflexes. Graduate to Expert and you will face additional challenges -- like the inability to swap-out existing pipe segments.

Fun factor here is awesome and with an infinite amount of levels to go through, you will always find this game challenging to say the least. Compatible with any device OS 4.6+ , check Pipe Dreams out. As a special offer from Epic applications you can grab it now until September 4th for only $2.99.

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