Pinterest users will be happy to know that although there is no official Pinterest app for BlackBerry 10, App for Pinterest is here to save the day. 

App for Pinterest is a simple to use app that lets you browse pins, view followers, see your own pins and more. The native interface allows you to move around with ease through tabs like home, pings, search, likes, followers and profile. You can jump from one to the next and even set the app to use the mobile view if you prefer.

While it's essentially a browser within the app, Pinterest users won't mind as it's the best bet on BlackBerry 10 for now.

One of the coolest features is that you can easily pin images from the native browser as well. Just find the image, tap the overflow icon and choose Open in App for Pinterest. Once open you can create pin within the app, save it and go about your business. 

Setup was a bit tricky but once complete there were really no big issues. App for Pinterest is guaranteed to help anyone get their fix on the go. The app itself is free but a $0.99 fee will kill the ads. 

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