Pink 8520

Update: Looks like the color is called Violet, and is already available from Orange in the UK. Looks like we need to brush up on our international coverage a little bit! So based on the photo in the original post it seems the violet color will be heading to Germany too. *

CrackBerry member Sebastian R. sent in this sighting from Germany's The Phone House flyer. It looks like they will be offering a pink Curve 8520 in the near future. Sebastian said he spoke with some reps there but wasn't able to get a solid date. The device in the flyer doesn't look to be branded, so its hard to say when or where it will hit. This would add some variety to the already offered frost and black 8520 lineup from T-Mobile. You can check out The Phone House flyer here (in PDF format) and see the Pink 8520 on page 26. Or maybe it's just a really bad image of the frost 8520 and looks pink?!