In an email I received today from RadiumOne Labs, the developers of PingMe, have decided to cease all BlackBerry and Windows Phone support starting December 31st of this year.

PingMe is a cross-platform messaging application similar to BBM. The app has gotten many mixed reactions due to freezing up, battery drain and the dreaded spinning clock so I’m not really shocked by this news. It did have several nice features including integrated news feed, push notifications, friend finder and the always favorite FREE for Life. Sadly it looks like that life is going to be a short lived one.

The official email from RadiumOne Labs is below.

PingMe is Parting Ways With BlackBerry and Windows Phone

We’re sad to announce that we will no longer support BlackBerry and Windows Phone devices. Starting December 31, 2012, service on both platforms will no longer be compatible with newer versions of PingMe. After long deliberation, our team decided that it is crucial for us to focus on making our iPhone and Android apps the best they can possibly be. It saddens us to leave you PingMe-less, but we hope you’ll understand why we had to make this tough decision. Thank you for your tremendous support and encouragement.

Sincerely, The PingMe Team
In all honesty, with all the mixed reviews with this application, I kind of saw this coming. I tried using PingMe several times on all our mobile platforms. It really never worked as flawlessly as one would hope so it never caught on in my household. I'm curious if this was true with anyone else? If you used PingMe, did you love it or hate it? Are you saddened or shocked at all? Let us know how you feel in the comments.