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Cross-platform messaging applications are popping out all over lately but few deliver like our beloved BBM. The latest competitor in the arena is called PingMe. Shockingly, it is very similar to BlackBerry's native application. With PingMe, you can message all those traitors friends who are on other platforms while enjoying the following features:

  • Cross-platform: iOS, BlackBerry, Android and Windows 7 coming soon
  • Real Time Message Receipts: see when your friends are typing as well as sent/delivered/read receipts
  • Group Chats: create groups for family, co-workers or friends with similar interests 
  • Register using your phone number so no PINs or IDs to remember
  • Free! We all love when an app is free and one that delivers an experience like this one with a promise that it will always be free is a wonderful thing
  • Social News Feeds: see all your friend's updates in one location
  • Geo-Location: find your friends who are nearby with geo-location enabled messages
  • Push notifications:PingMe lets you know when you have a message even when it's closed
  • Friend Finder: simply use you address book to search for any friends already using PingMe

The UI is clean and simple with customization options available for both the background and message box colors (I've always wanted these features in BBM). I have family on all platforms and have been searching for an instant messaging application just like this for all of us to use. Now I can use PingMe to see when my husband's ignoring my texts on his iPhone just like I do when I BBM him on his BlackBerry.

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